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Izu grew up in a traditional Japanese environment and wants to share
what is kept hidden in Japanese culture for outsiders.


NFT will grant a membership to our club to attend get together events on DCL and the first attendee will get a POAP.


The owner of first collection NFT will have the priority on our upcoming collections.


3 x 1 hour live online session about Japanese culture.

Metaverse Events!

Izu grew up in a traditional Japanese home and wants to share rituals and traditions that were kept alive but hidden in Modern Japan.

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Hannya mask is often understood as a jealous
female demon cursing the men who cheated on her while alive.

This mask shows the anger from eyes to horns while below the nose represents the deep sadness and regret that she could not die in peace. This mask of Hannya is the embodiment of the duality of human nature.

What's the hidden meaning behind the skull?

Skull symbolism is a recurring theme in history, art, and literature


Self esteem - Love





  • Launch for first Crypto Kozo Collection on the Polygon network.
  • Only 1000 unique hand drawn works. Give away event information will be in Twitter and Discord.


  • Holders of a Crypto Kozo will have access to Metaverse Japanese Cultural Ceremonies.
  • Online live event: Easy Chat in Japanese.

Coming soon

  • ERC1155 wearables collection.
  • Holders of a Crypto Kozo will be whitelisted for participate on presale.
    Sandbox game for Japanese Rituals!


  • Tea Ceremony Room on Decentraland for community members.
  • Free Japanese cultural lessons on Metaverse!